Welcome New Players:
Here are some tips to make your Big Top Bingo experience more enjoyable:

  • Only play as many cards as you are comfortable playing. If you play too many cards, you may get frustrated if you cannot keep up.
  • It is not realistic to expect to win every time you play bigno. Please congratulate other players if they win and you do not.
  • Treat your dauber gently. If not, it could leak or explode, and get ink all over you.
  • Please act courteously to the players around you, including not using offensive language.
  • If you make a mistake, use a different color to dab with. (ie you dabbed G 56 instead of G 57)
  • HAVE FUN! Bingo is entertainment.
  • Ask questions. Your bingo worker is there to help.

Also, check out the Jar, Pulltab Ticket & Bingo Rules section on this site.